50 Posts in 100 Days

50 Posts in 100 Days

So, our #100DaysofFoodBlogging train fell off the tracks during that last month and we only hit 50 posts. Averaging a post every other day is still much better than our prior average of about once a week, so it did work as a strong motivator to be more productive.

We’re glad we did it to push ourselves a bit, but would we do it again? Probably not; at least not exactly the same way. There’s a certain point where quantity becomes more important than quality and when you hit that wall, it starts to feel like work. The last thing we want is for the blog to become a chore looming over us every day.

Having said that, it did force us to try some stuff we probably wouldn’t have otherwise and was great motivation to think up some cool ideas for future posts (when we have more time). I think next year we’ll use the 100 days to try and come up with an idea for a post every day; essentially starting a draft of a post each day to which we can go back and take the time to have fun and make it right.

No matter what, it was fun and for a procrastinator like myself, it’s always thrilling to have one more thing to put off until the last minute (or ignore completely).