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Mouf Links: Brown Butter Edition

Mouf Links: Brown Butter Edition |

1.  “How To Make Perfect Brown Butter” – BuzzFeed: As much as I like to knock BuzzFeed for their propensity to fuel the world with time-wasting click bait and/or gimmicky lists, they do also have some useful posts. I used this the first time I made brown butter and it was infinitely more helpful than some other recipes and videos I’ve watched.

2.  “5 Minute Brown Butter Honey Granola” – The Sugar Hit: First of all, if you’ve never checked out The Sugar Hit, you are likely experiencing a deficiency in the “awesome food blog” department. Sarah is doing some really fun, unique things with food, so CHECK IT OUT. I had a few minutes to spare the other night, so I tried out this granola recipe. Was it good? Well, I ate half of it before it even cooled. The other half was eaten by my better half an hour later. And we made it again over the weekend.

3.  “Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies” – Nosh On.It: This ain’t a quick recipe, but the love and care put into it, will yield flavor dividends. Part of the secret is that the butter in the recipe is browned giving the cookies a nice, subtle nutty flavor. Try them once and they WILL be your favorite, too. Since these take some effort, I recommend doubling the batch and freezing half your cookies so that you can easily pop them in the oven for future cookie emergencies.

4.  “Brown Butter Ice Cream – The Kitchn”: Homemade ice cream is a very special thing. Brown Butter is also a very special thing. With the power of homemade ice cream and brown butter combined, you can achieve anything…but you’ll probably just stand in the kitchen eating your cold creamy creation. Aside from the taste, this recipe is great because it reccomends blending the base to emulsify the butter and cream. Otherwise you’ll have gritty ice cream. I have made gritty ice cream before. It’s weird.


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