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One year later…

One Year Photo Collage

[This is post #001 towards #100DaysOfFoodBlogging, our goal to do 100 posts in 100 days as part of The 100 Day Project.]

From deviled eggs, to foodgawker rejects, to pie, more pie, and yet again pie. I still don’t think we had enough pie on the blog…

Love stories about egg cookers, pick-me-up empanadas, haiku-filled videos about sushi, and roasting fresh coffee with new friends.

We baked, cooked, photographed, ate…ate…ate some more…then ate again. (Technically, Tina did the baking, cooking, and photographing, while I did most of the eating.)

I took more pictures of food with my phone than I felt comfortable doing.

We made silly videos about restaurants.

I stalked Google Analytics for no good reason.

It’s been a year since we started this blog, what’s the point?

Looking back at our year, this food blog wasn’t the final product, rather it was a path towards an infinite number of friends and experiences. Because of this blog, we ate at restaurants, sampled food, and tried recipes that we might not have otherwise, but more importantly we met some fantastic people near and far. No B.S. Thank you to everyone who’s pinned, retweeted, commented, emailed, shared, liked, and favorited our posts. There might only be a few of you out there, but that’s a few more than we had a year ago.

Okay, jeez, put the tissues away. This isn’t the last post for the rest of forever. It is the first post of the rest of our lives. Ha. Gross. No, seriously this is like episode one in Season 2. It needs to be good, but not too good, ’cause you want to make sure you have something to build towards.

Anyway, since we’re kicking off a new year here are a couple of new things we’ll be doing:

Email Subscription

We figured that after a year of blogging we should probably give ya’ll the option to subscribe to a newsletter. Don’t worry we won’t clog up  your inbox, as we’ll try to keep the emails to at most two per month. The goal is to not only let you know about new posts, but to also share some links that we think are cool, send you some free stuff from time-to-time, and occasionally send you funny pictures and drawings. The first email update will likely include a picture involving alcohol, a toaster, and a DIY photobooth. Probably not the best tease, but come on, let’s be email buddies:


Some of you may have already seen The Great Discontent’s 100-Day Project, but in short it’s a collective promise to commit to making something each day for 100 straight days. Technically it started on April 6th, but you can start at any time and catch up when you can. Figured with the kick off of year numero dos for the blog, this would be a good experiment. So, we will attempt to publish a blog post every day for the next 100 days. Sure, that’s not that big of a deal, especially since a lot of blogs already have daily posts. But for a small food blog that only had 43 posts during the course of an entire year, it’ll be quite an accomplishment. My buddy Mike over at The Flying Peanut is to blame for this, so if you get tired of seeing an influx of posts here, send him hate mail.  And, yes, this post does count as #1. Only 99 more to go!

CHEERS to one year!