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Mouf Links: Pocono Mountains Edition

Pocono Mountains

Okay, first purge your mind of what you think the “Poconos” is all about, because you’re wrong. The era of champagne glass-shaped hot tubs is over, ’cause we’re talking bout the Pocono Mountains here. The real attraction of this destination can be found outside of a hotel room, with enough outdoor activities to satisfy even the bravest Bear Grylls wannabes. Not to mention the fact that the area is quickly becoming a mecca for water parks. Oh, and you want good food? Yeah, they got that, too.

Although we were unable to attend a recent #DCTravelBloggers trip to the Pocono Mountains, below you can find links recapping the experiences of some of our local blogger friends who ventured up to Pennsylvania for a long weekend. If you’re considering a vacation in the Pocono Mountains, we highly recommend perusing their experiences. They’ll tell you what to pack, where to stay, what activities to do, and especially what you should EAT.

1.  48 Hours in the Pocono Mountains | Will Drink For Travel

2.  Farm to Table at Shawnee Inn | The Dining Traveler

3.  Weekend Trip to the Pocono Mountains | Travelaine

4.  Escape to the Pocono Mountains | The Together Traveler

5.  8 Great Poconos Summer Activities | McCool Travel

6.  Kalahari Resort, Pocono Mountains | McCool Travel

7.  SCDC Travels:  The Poconos | Spicy Candy DC

8.  Pocono Mountains (Summer) | A Lacey Perspective

9.  Experience the best of the Pocono Mountains | The Hungry Travelist

10.  Whitewater rafting in the Poconos | The Hungry Travelist

11.  Dinner at the Shawnee Craft Brewery – “Beer from here; Food from near” | The Hungry Travelist

12.  Recap:  Shawnee Island Camping Experience in the Pocono Mountains | Will Drink For Travel

Mouf Links

Mouf Links: Brown Butter Edition

Mouf Links: Brown Butter Edition |

1.  “How To Make Perfect Brown Butter” – BuzzFeed: As much as I like to knock BuzzFeed for their propensity to fuel the world with time-wasting click bait and/or gimmicky lists, they do also have some useful posts. I used this the first time I made brown butter and it was infinitely more helpful than some other recipes and videos I’ve watched.

2.  “5 Minute Brown Butter Honey Granola” – The Sugar Hit: First of all, if you’ve never checked out The Sugar Hit, you are likely experiencing a deficiency in the “awesome food blog” department. Sarah is doing some really fun, unique things with food, so CHECK IT OUT. I had a few minutes to spare the other night, so I tried out this granola recipe. Was it good? Well, I ate half of it before it even cooled. The other half was eaten by my better half an hour later. And we made it again over the weekend.

3.  “Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies” – Nosh On.It: This ain’t a quick recipe, but the love and care put into it, will yield flavor dividends. Part of the secret is that the butter in the recipe is browned giving the cookies a nice, subtle nutty flavor. Try them once and they WILL be your favorite, too. Since these take some effort, I recommend doubling the batch and freezing half your cookies so that you can easily pop them in the oven for future cookie emergencies.

4.  “Brown Butter Ice Cream – The Kitchn”: Homemade ice cream is a very special thing. Brown Butter is also a very special thing. With the power of homemade ice cream and brown butter combined, you can achieve anything…but you’ll probably just stand in the kitchen eating your cold creamy creation. Aside from the taste, this recipe is great because it reccomends blending the base to emulsify the butter and cream. Otherwise you’ll have gritty ice cream. I have made gritty ice cream before. It’s weird.


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#100DaysOfFoodBlogging, Mouf Links

Mouf Links

Mouf Links |

[This is post #034 towards #100DaysOfFoodBlogging, our goal to do 100 posts in 100 days as part of The 100 Day Project.]

1.  “Milk Bar’s Founder Reveals Her Recipes for Cookies and Success” – One Kings Lane:  In addition to a cool recipe for ‘Salt-and-Pepper Cookies with Pickled Strawberry Jam,’ Christina Tosi offers up some good tips for success. When the creator of Crack Pie offers up advice, I’ll be the first to heed it.

2.  “How to Make the Perfect Ice Cube” – GIZMODO:  Sother Teague of Amor y Amargo shows off his ice making skills with this tutorial and video. The result is ice so clear you could read your iPad through it. Oh and the secret is not boiling the water first.

3.  “How to Transform Leftover Fast Food into Hot, Melty Waffles” – FoodBeast/HuffPost Taste:  Anyone who reads our blog regularly knows my obsession with our waffle maker is exponentially growing (ahem, Doughnut French Toast Waffles). Turns out your waffle maker also gives you a reason to eat leftover fast food. Excuse me while I fill my fridge with cheeseburgers and french fries.

4.  “Vodka-Infused Melon Balls” – Healthy Nibbles and Bits:  Since summer is fast approaching (it’s already too hot here in Northern VA), it’s time to start soaking things in alcohol for your next BBQ. Lisa‘s recipe will finally give you a reason to break out that melon baller you haven’t used since 1999.

#100DaysOfFoodBlogging, Mouf Links

Mouf Links

Mouf Links Collage 04.30.15

[This is post #022 towards #100DaysOfFoodBlogging, our goal to do 100 posts in 100 days as part of The 100 Day Project.]

1.  “The Specialists: Franklin Barbecue by Aaron Franklin” – Lucky Peach: As noted in the article, Aaron Franklin is a true “wood whisperer” and this first person timeline of his typical day shows a dedication that few will ever achieve. I’ve yet to visit Franklin Barbecue, but I guarantee you it’s very near the top of my to-do list, as it should be on yours.

2.  “Fried Chicken Skin With Hot Sauce and Honey From Heritage” – Serious Eats: This is probably the one recipe I’m most excited to try out. It comes from Sean Brock’s book, Heritage (which is a beautiful collection of recipes, stories, and photographs), but is also shared on Serious Eats for your online consumption. I mean, come on! This is the best part of fried chicken, prepared from a recipe by one of the best chefs in the universe. Need I say more?

3.  Menswear Dog: It’s pretty much what it sounds like. If you’re having a bad day, scroll through this for a few minutes and you should feel slightly better. Now I’m off to buy some suits for Cooper.

4.  Chef’s Story Podcast: I recently just discovered this podcast, which means I’ll be binge-listening to all the back episodes over the next few weeks. Each week Dorothy Hamilton (Founder and CEO of The International Culinary Center) sits down for an in-depth interview with world-renowned chefs. She’s already covered quite a few greats, so chances are your culinary crush has already been interviewed. I’ve already enjoyed both of her interviews with Sean Brock and am looking forward to learning about Christina Tosi on my commute home this evening. So, yeah I’m going to need something amazing for dessert tonight.

5.  SAVEUR’s 6th Annual Blog Awards: A lot of people scoff at awards, but I think it’s cool that bloggers are recognized for their work and can pretend to be “famous” for once. Although, some might already be nearing that celebrity status already… So, check out the nominations and vote for your favorites, cause it’s basically their Oscars. While you’re there you might even discover some blogs that you’ve never heard of before. I’ve really been enjoying two blogs that are up for the “Best New Voice” category, Chocolate + Marrow and O&O Eats, so give them a click or two.