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15 Minutes of Random Food-Related Writing

[This is post #021 towards #100DaysOfFoodBlogging, our goal to do 100 posts in 100 days as part of The 100 Day Project.]

At the risk of falling even more behind (did you realize we’re one post behind?) on the #100DaysOfFoodBlogging, today we’re keeping it short and simple. Since I’ve created a pseudo-writing theme for Wednesdays (see:  The Recipe for Writer’s Block and ‘Mise en Place’ for Preventing Writer’s Block), I’m just going to set a timer for 15 minutes and write some random thoughts about food until the timer goes off. I’m eliminating any excuses for not having a post today, because a) Who can’t spare 15 minutes? and b) After writing two posts about stopping writer’s block, I should be able to back it up with some weird impromptu writing exercise.

Anyway, enough time wasted with an intro. The clock starts…


I wish there were more foods that were packaged and marketed for both dogs and humans. Sure, there are tons that already could be eaten by both, but I think there’s a lack of consumer awareness. Or maybe it’s a distribution problem. There are separate stores and within some stores separate aisles for humans and canines; why can’t there be an entire boutique store where every item on the shelf can be eaten by either a person or their four-legged friend. Would be great if it was a bakery that made pies. Who wouldn’t want to share a pie with their dog?!

It would have to have a catchy name and some really slick viral marketing. And probably a good celebrity spokesperson. Marketing would be key, since there probably isn’t really any demand for this sort of thing.

Man, I just got distracted by a tweet…

Okay, never mind. Forget about the joint dog/human grocery stores and/or pie bakeries. Here’s where the real money is at:

Canine Fast Food

Although I guess you could argue that dogs can eat regular fast food and that would be redundant. My counter to that argument would be that Cooper has thrown up (on more than one occasion) after eating fast food chicken nuggets. He does have a weak stomach (he takes Pepcid every morning) so maybe he’s not the best model for any of my canine culinary ideas.

I want to respond to that tweet, but my timer is still going… Should have definitely put my phone on airplane mode.

Why is peach season so short?

I wonder if Sean Brock ever eats fast food.

More important than all of this:  What IS for dinner?

Alright, I do still believe that the joint human/dog grocery store and/or bakery could work. I think the bakery is the way to go, because (as I type this) I remembered that my mom made these homemade cheese crackers for Cooper one year and I ended up eating half of them.

This is the longest 15 minutes ever.

And now it’s over.